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Open Road - Vinyl Record (shipping cost included)

 'Open Road' is more than just a recording, it's an adventure. Written during a three month trip in a vintage RV.

All funds were raised through Kickstarter from generous fans and supporters of local artists. Thank you!


"This project is more than just an album or a recording, your support on Kickstarter helps enable me to continue to create music and art as an independent, instead of signing over creative rights to a label. It is really important to me that through my art, I can encourage other artists and creatives to keep the dream alive. After performing close to 800 shows in Chicagoland, I needed a break from the stage. It's amazing to perform and share your energy with the room, but it can be draining. Writing is my way of recharging my creative battery. I decided to take to the road so I could be endlessly inspired by my surroundings. I was nervous of course. Traveling alone as a young woman, sleeping on the side of the road, it was scary at times. But I met so many amazing people that were so helpful and supportive. The experience was so rewarding and truly jumpstarted my songwriting. I like to describe the feeling of this album as Acoustic Soul. I made a name for myself as a 'Jazz' vocalist and guitarist, but this trip had me digging deep into my musical roots. Inspired by artists like Etta James and Joni Mitchell, this album welds the world of singer-songwriter in with that heart wrenching soul that gets your heart singing! I am so excited to share the feels with you all! 

The trip started in Chicago and drove through the southern states, stopping in places like New Orleans and El Paso. There was so much diversity. From the landscape to the live music, I was so impressed with this country and it's beauty. I would love to continue this project and take the album on tour in my little, vintage rig! I would never have been able to sustain my career as an independent musician without the support of followers and music lovers like you! Thank you so much for the love!"



Official music video of the song "Open Road":